My pre-Kinja count: 4,074 Comments and 21,869 upvotes as of Aug 23, 2017 since May 2014. Where are they now?

This is a test post to record the number of comments and upvotes I had accumulated before The AV Club dropped Disqus for Kinja.


[Big mistake. HUGE!]

I didn’t think I cared so much about ‘ratings’, but dang it, I EARNED many of those upvotes. Meaning, I labored over lengthy remarks, which actually were mini-essays and seeds for publications. Sure, I didn’t actually develop and publish these comments — haha —


Besides the ego-stroking, Comment counts enabled me to identify trolls who were first time visitors to the website. The low counts saved me time, irritation, and knee-jerk outrage when I received a WTF reply to any of my comments. That’s now gone.

To me, high comment and upvote numbers were more indicative of “popular” users. In fact, I used that distinct marker —high upvote count —to identify commentors appeared committed to the art of TV storytelling, the stakes in terms of what this fictional charector’s interpersonal conflicts and internal life represented out in the real world. It didn’t matter to me if our opinions differed — their comment count told me they visited the AVC website enough times I could include them under my umbrella of trusted AV Club users. They knew and respected the culture there.


The high turnout of user comments who chimed in, regular as clockwork within moments of an AV Club recap’s posting, transformed dedicated viewers invested in listening, interacting, — communal response — into a actual community. I really felt as if I belonged to a club. Now we’re all scattered. After a summer where I slashed the number of TV series I follow —- so few offerings or second 2nds I won’t return to watch — Wet Hot American Summer, Luke Cage, Hand of God to name a few — I don’t know where I’ll find my folks who I shared cheers, dread, grousing, anxiety over BTS cast clashes regularly for four years. I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm.

Now that Kinja at the AV Club is’t yet able to release or post these upvotes and comment count by name. I have incentive to finally work work work to revise ideas and put them ou there to a wider audience than the appreciative varied AV Cluib audience — whose approval I really craved when it came to TV opinions.


That is all -


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